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Don’t Lets Chart 203 – 65 Fabulous Years of Phil Catterall

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Your favourite facts ‘n’ fannying about podcast returns with an all star tribute to six decades of Phil Catterall (aged 39). There are messages from his friends – also Ben is there. Plus Phil’s top 20 things of all time ever (that arent giant fighting robots) including some nifty 90s shootouts, which comedy act he went to see instead of revising for his GCSEs, best Bonds, the best foot that can be barely considered a food, Greendale pride, perhaps the most stupid quiz yet and lots more. And because its a 40th celebration, the episode is a slightly longer almost 40 minutes in length. Happy all our birthdays! 

With huge thanks to Tim Worthington (@outonbluesix), Garreth F Hirons from @_Retrospecticus, @Hark87Podcast main man Paul Abbott, Christine Coulson ( and Paul Gannon (@TheCheapShowPod) for their brilliant contributions. Go look at, listen on and enrobe yourself with their things today! 

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