Don't Lets Chart

Dont Lets Chart 212 – James Brown Shotgun Toilet with Ben and Phil

Join Ben and Phil for a “stab” at the murder podcast market with some unfortunately obvious crimes before playing the latest mop topped quiz all the kids go wild for and finishing up with a daze over days.

There’s tax evosion, new format pitches, PCP, thumb quandries, Wesley Snipes and Willie Nelson – together at last, gloves ‘n’ rhymes, Chad Beans, sock racism, America’s Unwanted Chaplin, easily our dumbest quiz yet and oh so much cocaines for everybody! Plus: Why is there a zucchini on your doorstep? Who released “The Best of the Beatles“? And when is the optimum day for your cat to murder you? Discover all this and more in this week’s Don’t Lets Chart!

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Don’t Lets Chart is an independent podcast by Ben Baker and Phil Catterall. They should probably have some sort of production thing here. They do not.