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Don’t Lets Chart 205 – Gravy Changes Everything

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The boys are back…in delicious gravy! Ben‘s got something to promote but he can’t for the life in him remember what it is so instead he and Phil investigate Doctor Who cameos as the worlds of James Bond and Ken Dodd collide. Plus: Mr USA and Ms Sidedish’s finest works revealed, John Cleese gets it wrong, what bird not to cover in gravies, Sloths for Kids, a Christmas episode set before Christ, Julian Glover is left out, 175 recipes for a sauce and the most depressing comedy episode of the 80s. Improve any meal with this podcast!

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Don't Lets Chart

Don’t Lets Chart 112 – The Answer Is Quavers

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Sunday, Sunday here again and…wait, we dont upload our new episodes on Sundays, do we? Aaahhhh, but we do. Presenting our mildly irrelevant move to Sundays for the forseeable future. In this week’s episode, Ben Baker and Phil Catterall attempt to provide the complete Lord’s Day experience from morning papers to the late night telly and most importantly of all: gravy. Plus: Bully’s special prize, Creme Egg record breakers, Michael Hordern is The Singing Detective, Gazza’s face, the correct words to the “Crazy Like A Fox” theme tune, we wear our Mushroom with Pride, an unwelcome IKEA food story, the “Days Like These” podcast, “some farts”, Lee and Herring as social enhancement, Aladdin wishes for all the gravy and rubber faced ribaldry as standard. Oh that Sunday sleep! 

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